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Horsch express combination drills

At Mascus South Africa you can easily browse second hand Horsch express. Filter your browse results by sorting your Horsch express combination drills by year, price, working hours or model

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Horsch EXPRESS 3 TD, Direktsaat, Mulchsaat, nur 1.749 ha.Images16

Combination drills • 2010 • 26655 Westerstede, DE • CLAAS Weser Ems GmbH - Westerstede

474 349 ZAR
Horsch EXPRESS 3 KRImages17

Combination drills • 2018 • Wassertrüdingen, DE • CLAAS Main-Donau GmbH & Co. KG, Wassertrüdingen

866 168 ZAR

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Horsch Express 4 KRImages5

Combination drills • 2023 • Aalestrup, DK • Traktor & Høstspecialisten - Hvam

1 563 085 ZAR
Horsch Express 3 KRImages6

Combination drills • 2023 • Risum-Lindholm, DE • CLAAS Bordesholm GmbH

Horsch Express 4 KR + Partner 1600 FTImages10

Combination drills • 2023 • Alveslohe, DE • CLAAS Bordesholm GmbH

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