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Agrex farming and Agriculture for sale

You can browse ads of used Agrex farming and Agriculture for sale all across Africa. Ads appear in order of date, place, ie newest on top. You are able to sort them by brand, year, price, hours of use and country by clicking on sort button and selecting your sort option.
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Agrex PRT75/ME-SCImages7

Combine harvesters • 2013 • -, EE

291 967 ZAR
Agrex XDIImages6

Drills • 2016 • -, EE • Dotnuva Baltic AS

68 126 ZAR

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Agrex XPI 2000Images6

Mineral spreaders • 2018 • Csorna, HU • Axiál Kft.

Agrex XA500Images5

Mineral spreaders • 2017 • Pelhřimov, Vysočina, CZ • CIME, s.r.o.

Agrex PRT200MImages12

Grain dryers • 2017 • Saarde, EE • Maamasin OÜ

541 112 ZAR
Agrex XLR400Images5

Mineral spreaders • 2011 • Kankaanpää, Satakunta, FI • Lantmännen Agro Kankaanpää

18 491 ZAR
Agrex Kylo-XPI 2500Images4

Mineral spreaders • 2013 • Elva, EE • Dotnuva Baltic AS

107 054 ZAR
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